Cage The Elephant Top Ten Must Haves For Gorge!

1. A trusty handkerchief tied around your neck: With tens of thousands of people trampling the same ground there’s sure to be a cloud of dust. Nothing like coughing up black soot for weeks.

2. A Camelbak: Water is of the utmost importance. They’re not the most fashionable thing to wear (second cousin to the fanny pack) but let’s face it, this is a festival not a runway.

3. A jacket: The days are hot but when the sun goes down, you’ll be busy shivering and hating yourself if you didn’t bring a jacket. And no one makes a cooler one than Levi’s ® with the iconic Trucker jacket

4. The coolest pair of shades you don’t really care about: You’ll need them, you’ll use them, and then you’ll probably lose them.

5: You’ll need a guitar or an instrument of some sort: For the campsite after party of course and then there’s always a drum circle to be found. Who knows maybe you’ll get discovered and all your wildest dreams will come true!

6. A rugged pair of shoes: Since you’ll most likely be walking everywhere you go, you’ll defiantly need a comfy pair of shoes that can hold up and won’t fall apart, preferably Vans or a good boot.

7. A tight circle of friends: You gotta have someone to share the memories with, plus when you’re dehydrated because you didn’t bring a camelbak who else is going to rush you to the medic tent.

8. We’re kinda running out of ideas here… but you’ll definitely need clothes! Unless you’re that naked guying running around screaming about freedom. But then again snap out of it man, there are kids around! Put some clothes on and spare them the emotional and mental scarring.

9. Oh yes, sun screen: Especially if you’re the naked guy referred to above in #8

10. Bring your phone or a camera. Your phone won’t work for making calls or texts but you’ll need it to look important and take loads of pictures, of… You and your tight circle of friends holding us up as we crowd surf over head, you outsmarting the harsh dust clouds with a trusty handkerchief, staying hydrated with a Camelbak, looking cool while staying warm with your go-to jacket, displaying the fact that your future is so bright that you gotta wear shades, your non-blistered feet, and non-sunburnt beautiful face. Oh and who could forget the legendary naked guy. Where’s the camera?