CRAZY days. From The Jersey Shore to Greenville SC.

it’s safe to say, we had a pretty had a pretty crazy day yesterday.

I hopped on a red eye flight from LA to Atlanta Wednesday night… Joined up with the rest of the band and crew at the ATL airport, flew to Newark, drove to the Jersey Shore, checked into the hotel, did a sound check, then a meet and greet, THEN went to dinner at a spot called Frankie’s(not bad by the way)… And finally got to go to bed. I was out by 11:30 I’d bet. The problem is, I was so screwed up on what time my body thought it was, that I woke up at 2:30am! After watching a lot of River Monsters, I went to sleep at 4am. That’s 30 minutes before I had to wake up.

So, I head over to the venue to catch my homie Nasri, and his band Magic! perform before us. They absolutely killed it, not that the crowd even needed to get woken up. I dont know how they were all so awake and wild that early… Other than tons of alcohol.

We get up on stage, do our thing… Then go straight to the airport to get to ATL, AGAIN! We meet the tour bus at the curb outside baggage claim, and head out for Greenville SC. Other than all the crazy travel required to make it happen, our schedule for one day was 7am show in Jersey… Then a 10pm show in SC. the crowd was amazing, and definitely re-energized us to power through it! Glad I had Sean Hagwell back on the road with us by then to get some dope shots of the show.