#BubbleGothTastic!: Corey Grayhorse Photography

Moon Babies,

Meet the amazing Corey Grayhorse! Through her photography, the Rhode Island based artist uses incredibly vivid colors, fantastical locations, super unique characters, and a meticulous attention to detail in order to create a platform where her work “becomes a window into a fantastic dream world, drawing [her] audience in.”

Corey expresses, “In my world, Japanese Street Culture collides with Haute Couture, and Hello Kitty courts Marie Antoinette. I take these icons from their original context and superimpose them into a new one, contrasting the traditional with the contemporary. My images are fresh and lively, and it is clear that I have as much fun making them, as the spectator has viewing them.”

So beautiful and #BubbleGothTastic!!!<3

Check out the gallery to get a peek into Corey’s magical world – and make sure to check out all of her seriously epic work HERE!

Integrity, Love, Unity <3


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