Band To Buzz About Spring ’14: Kye Kye

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading through the newest issue of RELEVANT magazine and came across dreamwave outfit Kye Kye. After giving their song “Dreams (2am)” a listen, I knew I had found my new musical soulmate.

Originally from Estonia, Kye Kye now resides in Portland, OR. I think the atmosphere in the northwest creeped it’s way into their sound because every song on their sophomore album, Fantasize, is hauntingly dreamy in the best way possible. It’s like they know everything that has happened to me within the past four years and made an album about it. Fans of Polica, The xx and CHVRCHES, you’re going to melt when you hear Kye Kye! I promise!

Listen to “Dreams (2am)” below:

Fantasize is available now HERE.

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Have any suggestions for Bands To Buzz About this spring? Let me know in the comments below!