So here I am again stalking anything that looks interesting.I found a few things that looked nice and a few that look bad. We have a lot of construction going around in my town. And a lot more of these signs are going up …….

Watch out for Leaping Deer 😀

This parking lot had fields of Dandelions everywhere there was grass, I thought they looked pretty …….

We have just about every kind of ethic restaurant in my town on Main Street …….

My brother loves this restaurant even though he lives quite far away ……..

This is the Outback it’s more my style of food They have The Blooming Onion !! It’s so delicious : )

We have horrible traffic here and trucks are everywhere 🙁

A woman or man that loves Dogs, I smiled seeing this 😀

I guess Regina got the car as a present …….

I was sitting at a traffic light and just thought this looked like a weird version of the Beatles album Abbey Road, but if anybody was walking here they would probably get run over it’s such a busy intersection …….

I always wanted to get a photo of that long abandoned Gas Station but the traffic is moving too fast most of the time. It’s about to be demolished and a new Burger Place is going there ……

It’s a little hard to see but there was another abandoned gas station in the middle of the photo where you can see the fence and some yellow construction vehicles. They are building another gas station there and it’s in such a dangerous area with traffic coming from many roads 🙁

This is the road back to my house there are no buildings or stores along here just historic homes, the river and ponds. I got stuck in traffic so I was able to take some photos 😀

This is where the Caleb Smith house is it was called the Wyandanch Club in another Era, I’ve been in it I think it looks quite creepy but I plan on visiting there soon. The property is beautiful lot’s of ponds, lakes and wooded areas. There is also a lot of wildlife living in there : )

Deer Leaping signs everywhere, that’s because we have so many deer here now ……

Just as I’m getting into town this Cycle shop has been there for ages. They sell bicycles ……

Across from the cycle shop there is an old abandoned house it’s in such bad condition I doubt it will be saved. This dead tree is to the right of the house. There is a new building next to it that has an emergency health care office. Good if your doctor is not available but your not sick enough to go to the hospital …..

I had to stop at the supermrket to get some things and they always have something out there now it’s time for plants 😀

You can even order your groceries on the phone or online and pick them up right there without even going shopping in the store 😀

Or you can take photos of the crazy signs outside 😀

I’ll end with me spotting Elvis on the back of someones car ….. I hope you enjoyed another trip around my town, I should be back with another one soon 😀