Artist To Buzz About Spring ’14: Melanie Martinez

She stole our hearts in season three of The Voice with her dark edgy vibe and soulful voice. Now, 19 year-old Melanie Martinez is ready to take over your headphones with her debut EP, Dollhouse.

It’s not all cotton candy and rainbows in Martinez’s dollhouse. It’s all honesty and no filler – exactly what attracts me to a body of music. Ranging from gothy pop hooks to a dark synthy vibe, Dollhouse is a perfect debut for a soon-to-be powerhouse. With just enough strange to make Lorde proud, I can’t wait to see what she cooks up next! This is what Melanie’s fans have been waiting for and if this EP is any indication, her full-length should blow all pre-conceived notions out of the park.

Watch the video for “Dollhouse” below:

Dollhouse is available now HERE.

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