All Around Me

I feel that I change myself all the time. This is a strange feeling, because I’m just a girl. You know me and how I see the world. I write all the time and I think about creating a new place. Recently, I was unlucky. I had 4 exams. I passed but these broke my strenght to art. I began to feel a lock. Yesterday, I “unlocked” myself. And something happened to me and more people. I think about terrible weather. I don’t like when it rains and it’s cold.

View from my window

This is me now…

But at the weekend my friend surprised me. From Mary, I received this wonderful gift. Coming soon, I’ll make blog about her. She’s lovely person and her art it’s the best 🙂

What I’m doing now? From a few days I’m writing a story for the contest. It’s almost finished. Tomorrow I’ll send and the results will be 05/25 🙂 I know that I’m not cool but I want to take part in it so much!!!!

Today I was at the library and I borrowed cool books: 1. “Suicide Notes” by Michael Thomas Ford2. “Skin” by Adrienne Maria Vrettos 3. “Das verstummte Lachen” by Heidi Hassenmuller

The last time I read “Night School 3” by C.J. Daugherty and coming soon I’ll write a little review if you wanna, for sure 🙂

Btw, I have great note, I gained weight, thanks my exams. I can’t believe that I write it 😛

I want to go back to the crayons today. I love so much to draw and I have to do something. This weather is too depressing.

Love You So Much!!!!!!

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