Youtube Evolution Of: The Ready Set


Starting way back around 2009 a lovely group called The Ready Set was signed to the label owned by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy called Decaydance Records. If you don’t know, not only is The Ready Set one of our Buzzmakers but…Jordan (the frontman and creator of it all) has such a lovely voice that he will get you hooked right away. I think I had “Love Like Woe” on repeat for days.

Well enough of my blabbering…let’s get this Youtube ball rolling, Enjoy!

So this is about as old school as it gets taking it way back to 2008…it’s live too!

Ok so here is the one I still think is my favorite, “Love Like Woe”. I said WOAH when I realized HOW LONG AGO this came out..time FLIES UGH.

Ugh so goooood right? Just puts a smile on my face everytime! So adorable 🙂

SO this one is also from 2010 but I had to post it because it kinda goes in sequence with “Love Like Woe” how fun does this little party look?

I wanted to put a live video from Warped Tour 2011 for those of you who have never seen him play before, it is kinda like you get to be front row right?

Last but never least here is a newer music video from 2012.

Well now that you got the low down and can be young forever and give The Ready Set your hand…it is a wrap folks!

Are you a fan now? What song is YOUR favorite?

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