Youtube Evolution Of: Paramore

Happy FRIDAY! To bring everyone’s spirits up I am going to cause a RIOT!!

By that I mean the Youtube Evolution for today will be on one of my favorite bands, PARAMORE 🙂

This band formed WAYYY BACK in 2004…still can’t believe thats how long ago that is and they are still rocking out to this day. Here is a video I found of them performing live in 2005!!

Can you feel the pressure? UGH I LOVE this video. Look how bad the quality was since it was so long ago haha

Speeding up to 2008, it was a great year especially for you Twilight fans who also were Paramore fans.

I had to include this one because it was one of personal favorite songs and videos, sure was relevant when to my life when it came out too.

This one I love because it is from 2011 and really showcases how HUGE of a crowd they would draw and how powerful their live perforances are.

So let’s get pumped for this brand new video they just released…GAH how cute is Hayley? I need those tights immediately.

Even after all of these years Paramore I AM STILL INTO YOU!!!

It’s coming to an end buttt “Ain’t it fun”?

WELP, that’s a wrap folks, I hope you had a little dance riot down memory lane <3

What is your all time favorite Paramore song and why?!

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