Twins Separated At Birth: Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea

It’s pretty obvious the resemblance that Iggy Azalea has to Nicki Minaj – in looks and style!

The Australian hip hop recording artist Iggy Azalea is the new ‘it’ girl on the music scene with her popular hit, “Fancy” featuring Charlie XCX, which debuted this year (2014) and quickly charted a top spot on the US Billboard Hot 100, which was a first for the rapper.

In an interview with Fuse back in 2013, Iggy touched on the topic of her looks being compared to a white Nicki Minaj. Although the resemblance to Minaj is evident, Iggy has shown the world that she is her own person and has her own style! “Fancy” has received an overall positive reception with blogs like MTV praising the single. It looks like Iggy is out to make a name for herself, regardless of what others have to say about her resemblance to other established names in the music industry.

With her spectacularly sass-filled ode to the glam life, critics believe Iggy’s rise to fame is just beginning. Her solid image, style, and persona has what it takes to ensure longevity for Iggy’s career in the music game.