The Promposal Cuteness Continues!

The promposal cuteness contines with these amazing videos of people asking their dates to prom! Each one involves a musical number and a very happy girl at the end. I rated each one with 1 to 5 corsages. Take a look at them for yourself and tell me which one you think is the best.

We start out with this absolutely adorable promposal! Anyone who uses Disney to get a girl, gets extra bonus points from me! Four corsages!

This guy went all out for his date! He got family and friends involved for this over-the-top promposal. She will for sure remember this for the rest of her life. 5 corsages for this guy! Well deserved!

This guy has guts and asks his date at an assembly with an awesome dance number. Mad respect! 4 corsages!

This is another guy who risked it all. He asked his prom date by twerking it out in front of everyone at school. I’m glad she said yes, otherwise that would have been even more embarassing. 3 corsages!

This is another guy who twerked it out for his prom date. Luckily, he was at her school instead of his and got down in front of strangers instead of people he has to see everyday. Still took guts! 2 corsages because it got a little painful to watch. At least she said yes!

I posted this one last week, but it’s still my favorite. She went the flash mob route and used some of my favorite love songs. They all have some smooth moves. Love it! 5 corsages!

Just for kicks, I’ll throw in this one too.

A for effort? Better luck next time, kid. Feeling depressed now? Go check out the last video and you’ll feel much better.

So now tell me, which promposal video was your favorite?