Previews: “I Knew You” & “White Lilies”

Hey friends, today I want to show you my new lyrics, ok a little preview. Please tell me what do you think about “I Knew You” & “White Lilies”?

“White Lilies”

I gave you everything what I hadThough you removed me from your life, babyI dreamed about white dress and sweet weddingI believed that you are the only man in my life

But now the angels cry, rainbow fadedI was born to love you and I dying from loveI’m not the only girl with a broken heartI don’t want to smell of white lilies no more

“I Knew You”

1. I knew Sue, she wasn’t a extraordinary girl From a childhood she starved herselfEven when she though she was dying“You can not eat ! You can not eat!”This voice killed her when she saw food on a plateShe believed that she was a butterflyNo one could help her, she lied every single dayRed bracelet gave her secret powerAnd thinspirations were her second life, pro anorexia lifeF*cking pro ana community, f*cking society, f*cking voices inside her headDoctors gave her prozac, but no one could help herMom and dad cried when they saw ghost, not SueI remember her a little face and huge eyesHow she loved to dance and sing with me Sue dreamed of returning to health without her toxic friendBut she gave up, she passed away