PETITION: We Want Ed Sheeran In Assago

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

I seriously need your help!

At the beginning of April, British singer Ed Sheeran announced the European dates for his tour, including Italy. I was really really happy and since I knew also my dear friend Elena likes this amazing artist, I proposed to attend the concert together. We were excited.

On April 4, Italian distribution tickets opened the sales but the tickets has been sold in just few minutes, leaving my friend and I and also a lot of other fans without a ticket.

We started to tweet to Live Nation Italy and Ticketone Italy, the two Italian distribution tickets to move the concert on another location, a bigger one, since the concert is located at Alcatraz, with a capacity of 2000/2500 people; but nobody heard us.

So, my friend and I decided to create this petition for moving the concert at Assago Forum, definitely with a bigger capacity and we are sure Ed Sheeran can fill it.

I know the most part of you live across the ocean, but I know if someone needs help you are ready to give it!

So it’s really simple 😉

1. Click here:

2. Sign the petition, filling the banks at the right side of the screen:

Nome – Name

Cognome – Surname

CAP – ZIP Code

Email – Email

and clicking on the two little white squares above for to confirm the sign up 😉

3. Click on “FIRMA LA PETIZIONE” button

4. You will receive an email as confirm, click on the link in the email and your firm is confirmed.

5. Please share the petition’s link everywhere, share it to your friends, via Facebook, Twitter ect. it’s really really important!

If you can, please tweet also this:

“@LiveNationIT @ticketoneit #VogliamoEdSheeranAdAssago”

Thanks so much for the attention and help me if you can!

Love you