The Naked And Famous Slaying The Coachella Stage

The Naked And Famous is a pretty freakin’ cool band. The New Zealanders have been staples on major radio stations, tour like there’s no tomorrow and are probably some of the nicest people we’ve ever met. So when Buzznet was given a photo pass for Coachella, we were counting down the minutes to their set on the main stage.

Being in the photo pit was so rad. There was the massive crowd of over a thousand plus people behind two barricades set up, but Buzznet was right at the front of the stage to see the five-piece rock band walk out to greet their screaming fans.

TNAF is so on point. From their all black stage outfits, to the ease in which they play with no visible nerves, we had a blast watching their set flow between fan favorites and new material off their most recent release, In Rolling Waves.

To be honest, we got so caught up in the music, we stopped shooting for a second to dance and just enjoy the show! Check out the gallery of pics and don’t forget to check our Instagram @buzznet for a video clip of their set!

Which TNAF song is your favorite? Leave it in the comments below!