Monday Tunes: Dan + Shay

Well, after spending the weekend doing press at ACM Festival and headed back to CMA Festival next month, I’m pretty sure I’m on country music overload. I’ve been catching myself flipping to those stations on the way to work, when I typical go for the pop tunes. One of my new favorite bands is Dan + Shay (Google and you’ll heart will explode).

I’ve known about these magical gents for a while now, and was blown away by their live performance! Your in a trans when you watch them, you can’t stop smiling, dancing, and singing a-long. It does help that they are pretty good looking. Now you’re probably asking, “Gabbie, why are talking about country music on BUZZNET”? One, I think you should share about whatever you find good. Two, they have a connection to our wonderful site. Remember the band A Rocket To The Moon? Two of it’s former members have joined Dan + Shay. Justin Richards and Andrew Cook are now playing for them! See, it all ties together.

April 1 marked the debut record for the duo. I feel as though ‘Where It All Began’ captures the perfect summer time record. Some of my favorites include ’19 You + Me’, ‘Show You Off’, and ‘Stop Drop And Roll’. The whole album is gold though, and I’m sure you will be seeing these guys all over the place SOON!

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