Mean Girls Turns 10! So Fetch!

Alas! It has been 10 years since everyone’s favorite movie was released and Mean Girls has been holding strong ever since!

And the best possible way to celebrate it to relive all of the amazing moments throughout the movie!

So let us rejoice and take a trip down memory lane with our favorite mean girls!

A lot of life lessons were learned from Mean Girls. Like


and most importantly

True story. And then of course we have celebrate all of our favorite lines to quote!

Ok so basically the whole movie is our favorite quote. I’m pretty sure I’ve worked every single one of those into my everyday casual conversation at east 50 times each. This movie just spits our pure gold. There are also those nonsensical lines that everyone loves!

Just so many amazing moments in this movie! It’s so hard to choose just one as your favorite.

Which is why Mean Girls will remain in our hearts forever

and ever

and ever.

Everyone needs to watch this movie again! Like now!

So we can experience all of the wonderful laughs and feels that this movie brings.

Happy Anniversary to the most quotable, the most funny and the most lovable movie in pop culture to date!

I hope we are all still in as much love with this movie in another 10 years as we are now! Until then, we’ll continue to wear pink on Wednesdays and let the entire world know when it’s October 3rd.

What’s YOUR favorite Mean Girls moment?