LIVE Music Review: You Don’t Wanna Be High Like Me

Last night, I saw one of the realest, most intimate performance I may ever see in my life. I went to a show at The Mint in Los Angeles to see a friend play an acoustic show. I’ve seen countless acoustic shows, being from Nashville, and I’ve definitely performed plenty of them myself; but this one was different.

Usually, when an artist puts on a show, they do exactly that. They create an energy, or a loudness… this may be an extension of their true personality… or completely separate from the way they really are.

Last night, was completely entertaining. From the quiet hush of the crowd during the most intimate songs, or the turnt up sing alongs, every moment kept my attention. There are few things I respect more than a real songwriter. This was the definition. There were songs sung, that had been recorded by other artists(some of the most successful of our time), and some songs no one had ever gotten to hear before.

Now sadly, I have to admit that, when I’m at a concert, and I don’t know a certain song… Most of the time, I think to myself “next song”. These songs were different. Instead of poetic interpretations, they were real. When I say that, I need to clarify a little bit. Being blessed enough to call this artist a friend, I’ve seen these songs come to life, be lived out, and heard first hand, where the inspirations come from.

Writing about life is one thing. I do that everytime I write a song. But THIS, was literally someone, telling you exactly what happened in there life. No generic ways to say it, no blanket scenarios. But stories that were 100% true. “I rode a private jet with Bieber, but I’ll be buried in Detroit.”

This was one of the shows throughout my life that made me want to be better. To go home, and work more. To pour the real me into everything I do, and not try to do what sounds like what anyone else wants to here.

So… If you haven’t seen Mike Posner LIVE… you need to.

Now you tell me what YOU think!