Join Carson Daly in Helping End Childhood Hunger / Win Signed Mug!

The Voice and TODAY show host, Carson Daly, has teamed up with TODAY‘s Shine a Light program and Kids Gardening to put a stop to childhood hunger. By empowering every generation to lead healthier lives, Kids Gardening encourages schools to grow a garden to shine a light on healthier food options available to every child to end hunger for good.

Daly stated, “Childhood obesity and hunger are huge problems in our country and they go hand in hand. Kids need a healthy alternative that they can control. I want to grow a garden to teach kids about better options. I want to teach them what foods will help end their hunger and let them grow. We are giving them the power to battle hunger on their own turf and share what they learn throughout their communities.”

For more information on how you can help and how you can be entered to win a signed TODAY show mug from Carson himself, go HERE.

Donate today and let’s put a stop to this epidemic.