Introducing: Life Juice Cleanse

Let’s get something straight. Some people try juice cleanses to “lose weight.” That’s not the purpose of a juice cleanse, nor will it give you long-lasting results. Yes, it will help you de-bloat, but as for actual weight loss, a cleanse is not the answer. There’s a bigger and better reason people love juice cleanses: They restore your health, which is more important! They rid your body of everyday harmful toxins, bring your energy back, rehydrate your body, heal cells, clear brain fog, allow your liver and stomach to rest, and so much more.

I’ve been a fan of Life Juice for years. Everytime I’m on tour and can score some, I stock up. They’re amazing. I’ll keep my review short, but honestly, that’s all it needs to be, simply because I loved this cleanse.

(Just LOOK at all that Goodness!)

Day 1:

Yes, I wanted my normal morning coffee and breakfast, but I wanted to feel better even more. I absolutely loved every single one of the juices. Something about this cleanse left me feeling fuller than other cleanses I’ve done. Maybe it was the combination of ingredients in each bottle, or maybe it was the order they suggest drinking them in? I don’t know…but it works. I also LOVED how Life Juice included a witty how-to cleanse sheet. It made me feel more organized and kept me on schedule. By the end of the night, I WAS very hungry, but once I finished my last drink, the Spiced Almond Milk. I will say that it caught me off guard that the “milk” wasn’t as “creamy” and “milky” as I’m used to, but regardless, it was good. I was totally full, happy, and slept amazing.

(Note: This is before shaking. Make sure to shake first!)

Day 2:

Keep calm & drink on. I woke up raging for coffee again, because let’s face it, I’m obsessed with coffee. No headaches though! I opened the Sole’ as fast as I could and guzzled it down. It was satisfying and I felt brand new already. Again I was surprised how full I was after drinking the juices, in a good way. Bodacious Bunny is somewhat a creamy-carrot drink…delicious! My hunger hit really around 5pm, so as my body wanted to reach for some almonds, I made some hot ginger aid tea instead, which curbed my appetite until it was time for my next juice. For my last drink, I decided to put it in the freezer for just a couple minutes to make it a little thicker, which gave it a milkshake feel and felt more like a “dessert” which was satisfying.

(I’m sorry bunnies… you’re cute, but I’m not sharing!)

Day 3:

This is when I realized that “Positive Balance” was my favorite juice. Something abut the combination of beets + ginger is just so amazing. My second favorite was “Happy Belly,” and third favorite was “Oh My Greens,” probably because it’s less sweet than the rest, but I truly love them all. At this point, my body was finally used to the cleanse and craving the juices, not food. I truly sipped ash juice slowly because I hated to see them go. All day long I felt more awake all day than I do when I drink coffee. I wish I didn’t love my java so much, because the true energy you get from juices is amazing, better for you, and won’t make you crash!

So in conclusion, I will totally do another Life Juice cleanse! I feel renewed, less stressed, less hungry all the time, and (finally) more clear-headed. It definitely helped me to debloat! Life Juice, if you’re listening…you’re doing it right! Thanks for being such an amazing generous company and allowing me to try your cleanse! If you’re looking to restart, detox, cleanse, and feel better…. definitely order a Life Juice cleanse today! Or at least get out and try a couple of their juices and find your favorite. And I can’t stress enough how important it is to PRE and POST cleanse! I’ve ignored those steps before and trust me, it’ll hurt. Life Juice includes a how-to sheet that is totally helpful, so you’re completely taken care of.


Xo Mindy