I thought it was time for another On The Road blog I think I got a few good ones this time and here is my Favorite …..

There is a business that hauls away junk I like their take on the junk hauling mania it mixes junk with the military in a very creative way 😀

This Lady must see it coming ……..

Even the dogs know what is the right thing to do …….

And these people know you can’t always judge a dog’s temperment just because it is a certain breed ……

OH this is a big Stick Family and they even have 2 birds 😀

He must Dig a Pony it was a beautiful Mustang ……

I guess these people read the Bible a lot 😀

While these people are enjoying themselves at the BEACH 😀

I guess he has to get to work Quickly 😀

They have a Tiny Baby in their car …….

And she has a Tiny Car …..

Well I’m near the End so I will leave you with a SHORTYZ

And a sunset from my house on April 1 ST !!

I hope you enjoyed another Trip of On The Road photos 😀