Fashion Spotlight: Haileigh The Four Year Old Fashionista

Okay yes, I do feel like a creeper for following a 4 year old on Instagram, BUT LOOK AT THAT STYLE! How can this tiny person have so much style?? Yes, I’m sure she gets some help, but she rocks those outfits all on her own. Her name is Haileigh and her mother, who runs the account, is a stylist, hence her amazing outfits. It’s hard to be so insanely jealous of a 4 year old’s style, but I can only hope that my kids will be half as stylish as she is. She most certainly will rule the fashion world one day. Take notes, y’all! Follow @hails_world on instagram! It’s life changing and you won’t regret it. Plus, I need more people to be as hooked as I am so it’s not weird to say I follow a 4 year old on IG. Take a look at some of her amazing outfits!

Which outfit is your favorite?