Geisha Street Art By Hush

I love street art because contains many elements of each art and life. I think that this is the era of graffiti. So, I want to show you perfect mix street art with Geisha from beautiful Japan.

HUSH is street artist from UK and I believe that now I’m his big fan. I love his project where he used geisha style with street art and this is the way why I write about it. I think that he has more than talent, his like a diament.

“Hush’s technique combines various street art approaches with traditional art practices. Absorbing influences from his extensive travels, he has found a striking connection with the mark making, tagging and graffiti he has encountered. His canvases mimic city walls once adorned with layers of wheat pasted images, tags and painting. As a result, his mixed-media pieces are an amalgamation of painting, screen-printing, spray-painting and collaging of graphic novels and comics. “As far as painting and colours I choose to paint with go, well, I want to achieve a complexity that allows the viewer to see new marks every time it’s viewed, and to get lost in the mark making”, Hush explains.

Hush art has featured is numerous publications including ‘Street Knowledge’ (Harper Collins), ‘The Street Art Stencil Book’ (Laurence King Publishing), Art Monthly, and Huck Magazine. The Independent newspaper featured Hush in their list of the ‘Top 20 Up and Coming Artists.’ He has exhibited internationally at galleries and fairs such as White Walls Gallery (San Francisco), New Image Art Gallery (LA) and the SCOPE Art Fair (New York, Miami and Switzerland). ” via

What do you think about this project by Hush?