Gabbie Brown’s Weekend At TinHouse in Coachella

Thursday morning I headed to the Coachella valley for a fun filled work event at the TINHouse! You might of saw the number one trending topic and asked what it was. Well, TINHouse invited the top influencers of social media to come party the weekend away during Coachella. I had a blast and couldn’t of asked for a better vacation, even though I was working! I met some pretty cool people, and it was great to hear their stories on how they got started.

I had to channel that rock and roll Stones look! Even though it was a pull party, you still had show up looking fashionable. I mean, that’s what most Coachella parties are all about!

I loved having the chance to talk with Vine stars Eric Dunn, Alx James, and Zane of Zane and Heath. I watched a couple of them film videos during the weekend and boy is the process long! It takes 1 to 2 hours AT LEAST to film and the same goes for editing.

On Saturday, Entertainment Tonight spent the day with us! You guys know how much I want to be an Entertainment reporter, it was cool to see the process. I had a great team, and couldn’t be more thanful for them! You can check out some more of my photo from my weekend below.