Frozen Meets Game Of Thrones: “Let It Go” Parody “Let Them Come”

Game of Thrones and Frozen fans can finally unite with this super awesome spoof video by Amos Sussigan. Amos is a very gifted, up and coming director and animator who recently had the genius idea to do a mashup of these two popular genres. He teamed up with Caleb Hyles and my very good friend and talented musician, Fabian Egger, who did a rearrangement of the famous track “Let It Go.” He recorded the instruments and molded them into a darker, Game of Thrones vibe…and it’s incredible! After Caleb recorded his vocals and Amos worked his dope animator skills, the final result is magic. Check out the video below and see the amazeness for yourself!

xoxo, Jessi Jae Joplin