Exclusive: Get To Know Rixton!

The current hotness in music right now is Rixton, who just released their ‘Me And My Broken Heart’ ep! The Brit Pop/R&B band from Manchester, made up of, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jake Roche, bass/keys, backing vocalist Danny Wilkin, lead guitarist and backing vocalist, Charley Bagnall, and drummer Lewi Morgan, have already caught the eyes and ears of music industry heavy hitters and are set to be the next BIG thing!

Buzznet was lucky enough to catch up with the guys who shared everything from their craziest fan encounter and funniest thing about America to the most rewarding aspect about being in a band!

Check out what they had to say below and don’t forget to watch the extended version on “Me And My Broken Heart” music video!

Congrats on the release of your ‘Me and My Broken Heart’ EP! Which song means the most and why?

Jake Roche: “Appreciated,” because it has a universal meaning where anyone can relate to it and it makes me think of my mum.

What is something you guys never expected to happen when you first formed?

Jake, Danny, Charley, Lewi: Sat in a room with Will Smith, taking life advice.

Who is the most famous person you’ve met and did you get starstruck?

Jake Roche: Kanye west, we actually kept our cool.

Which music artist would you love to collaborate with that no one would expect you guys to say?

Jake, Danny, Charley, Lewi: Jared Leto

What is a strange or funny thing you’ve discovered about Amercia?

Jake, Danny, Charley, Lewi: How you can get on a plane for an hour and feel like you are in a completely different country.

Craziest fan encounter?

Jake Roche: A fan came up and pretty much ate Lewi’s neck .

Favorite song to play live?

Jake, Danny, Charley, Lewi: “Me and My Broken Heart”

Have you had anything crazy thrown on-stage during a show?

Jake, Danny, Charley, Lewi: Justin Bieber.

Most embarrassing moment during a performance?

Danny Wilkin: My bass cutting out!

What are you currently listening to on your iPod/Spotify?Charley: Darius Rucker Danny: Marc Broussard, Dan + Shay

Jake: Dan + Shay Lewi: Rome Fortune

Most challenging and rewarding thing about being in a band?

Charley: Challenging – living out of a suit case. Rewarding – the reaction of the fans and playing live.

How would you describe your personal style?

Danny: Casual high street Lewi: All black everything Charley: British Jake: Stylish

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