DIY: Coachella-Ready Floral Crowns In A Snap!

Floral crowns are a simple summer staple that transform an otherwise ordinary outfit into something more ethereal, magical and princess-y. Not to mention, if you’re heading out to Coachella‘s second weekend, they’re pretty much a fashion staple.

As much as I love flower crowns there is absolutely no reason to spend $20+ on one at Urban Outfitters or some other trendy clothing store. It’s insanely easy to make all on your own, and for less than $10, you can make one for you and all of your friends.

To make your flower crown, visit your local craft store and purchase the following materials: Floral WireFloral TapePliersSilk FlowersStep 1Use the floral wire to create a circle that fits around your head comfortably. To make it extra sturdy, you’re going to want to use more than one piece of wire and wrap them around each other.Step 2Choose the direction you want your flowers to go around the crown, then cut most of the stem off your first flower. Secure it by wrapping floral wire tightly around the remaining portion of the stem and the crown. Use pliers to wrap it extra tightly and cut excess wire.Step 3Now that your first flower is tightly attached to the crown, repeat this process by laying flowers side-by-side, next to each other. The stems should overlap, but the blooms should not. Continue this process until flowers line the entire crown.Step 4Use floral tape to wrap any wire that is still exposed – you wouldn’t want that poking into your skull.Step 5Wear and enjoy!

(instructions reposted from Alter the Press)