The Check Engine Light Of Life

My head has been running a million and one thoughts through my head recently about a certain topic…. Shady people. Over the past 2 1/2 years I feel as though my life has been surronded by these types of humans. I get it, I work in the music/entertianment industry, and people are little less than authintic. But, lately I feel as though I’m the only one having this problem. I could name a good 15 people who have used, abused, acted shady, and tossed to me the curb. People only come to me when they want something, and quickly leave after they get what they want. These types of folks assume I can offer them something. Something that will boost their career, get them a new job, fill a whole in the relationship department, use my contacts to build awarness for their brand. They always come to me wanting help, but yet to return the favor. I don’t expect anything EVER. I work REALLY hard for the things I have accomplished in my life and havent asked for help from nobody. It would be nice to just make an honest friend who didn’t have any hidden agendas.

Anyways, I feel totally clueless (a lot like Cher). I just have a lot of questions that I wish could be answered.

  • Do I attract a certain type of people?
  • What do people think of me?
  • Do they think I’m some navie lady? ,
  • How can I find good people?
  • If people screw you over, does it fall under the category of holding a grudge?
  • How long does it take for you to realize that a person is no good for you?

I’ve been quoting Miss Penny Lane A LOT lately, “I’m only interested in what’s real”. In this day and age, what is considered real? Words are dishonest. Feelings are dishonest. People are dishonest. How can I figure out who’s fully authentic? A certain scent, outfit, carreer does not make you a good person. There’s going to come a point in your life when you just want to change your name and move to Moracco. You’re going to be so disquisted with people, wanting to poke your eye out over your life, and hoping that everything changes. Well, why not just toss everything you’ve ever known to the curb. Throw away what you think makes up a good friend. Toss the ideas of who you think is perfect for you to the curb. And chuck what makes you feel horrible out the window. Stop spending so much time worrying about why people are being so shady. You can just end everything with the delete button on your phone.

Myself, Gabbie Brown, hopes to never encounter a shady person again… or at least let them enter into my life. Good people do exist, you just have to uncover them. They’re a lot like diamonds, they stay hidden until the perfect moment.

Darkness tends to embolden haters to have a voice. They will find every dark corner, every crack in a wall, or shady spot under a tree to spread lies or put you down. If you shine a light where all the noise is coming from, they will scatter in search of another dark spot to hide.




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