Changing my address and burning my sheets

Some say only fools fall in love.

I say, if you never make a fool out of yourself, you aren’t living.

For a while I was living life out of the same boring old novel that lost that amazing book smell.

redundant sentences, boring characters, a downhill plot and mundane scenery.

I finally finished that book, an turned it in for a new one. This new book has a lot of blank pages leaving room for imagination and my own creation. No one is writing it for me for once. It is not a sequel to the previous book. All new characters, a new plot, new scenery and no grammar rules.

Everything is so refreshing, I am not being forced into being apart of something that only brings misery. I am learning how to weed out the “weeds” in my life.

I now understand that saying that holding onto the past only hinders your future. It’s a liberating feeling.

Someone came into my life that threw me for a loop. I never once thought I wasn’t ready for something until now.

the word “ready”? Are we ever really “ready”? I hate that. These restrictions we put on ourselves to allow us to be “ready” for something.

This happened out of no where and has brought me back to ME. I now see how lost I have been for a minute. Caring about things that DONT matter. Crying about people and circumstances that are so unimportant that it now makes me laugh.

How scary is that that a person can do that to you? Make you believe that you are something you are not?? Brainwashing. It exists. totally lol

So now, realzing all of this in a month, I’m making the necessary changes to keep writing this fucking incredible new book. Taking initiative in getting rid of everything and anything that has ever held me back. I am moving away from nostalgia. Throwing things out, changing my residence, deleting everything that has kept me from this moment of clarity.

Sometimes it just takes 1 person to help you see all this. I don’t think they will ever realize what good they have done for me, & hopefully won’t find it overwhelming. But then it goes back to the point of, then what’s the point of living if you can’t just fully be YOU.

We try so hard now a days to conform into groups of friends, social circles, being accepted and “liked” online, in real life etc that we forget to live for ourselves. So what I am trying to say in this rant, rather than complaining about everything and everyone, wake the fuck up and take charge.

You hate your friends? GET NEW ONES

Is your boyfriend a dick? GET RID OF HIM

we are all too young, even if you are 68 years old.

Life is short. Go live it damnit.