I Can’t Believe You’re Human – Veruschka

Moon Babies, meet Veruschka aka Vera Gottliebe Anna Gräfin von Lehndorff-Steinort. If you follow fashion and its statuesque muses of the past and present, you may just recognize this stunning beauty from numerous covers of Vogue and ground-breaking photo series with tons of iconic photographers. With her six-foot frame, she was the first superstar model of the sixties – paving the way for fellow style stars such as Twiggy and Kate Moss.

Today, Veruschka dabbles a teeny bit here and there on the catwalk – but mostly she is enjoying her happiness and contentment as an artist in Berlin, where she paints and takes care of animals.

Her thoughts on aging? “No, it has not been hard to grow older, because I believe if you have something you believe in that will keep you alive far more than plastic surgery or Botox,” she says. “I know that there are many things I could do, but I’m not interested. It’s more important to be loving and to have a lively mind.”

Isn’t she just so cool?! <3



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