#BuzzneterLife: This Is Me

Let me show you something. I’m a shy girl but sometimes I need to say a loud about my life. And I thought about showing you the last weeks of my life. Ok, I know that it sounds crazy but I hope that the next months will bring me more and more cool things. So can’t wait to show you what happened me.

I received a surprise from my friend. He’s to me like a brother and I think that he tottaly changed me. I try to be like the best for him and for important persons to me. I felt so ashamed when I received this package because I don’t deserve but really this surprise made me so high.

So, one of these surprises was one of the most beautiful teddies:

I called her Love because she’s so lovely. Really, trust me. I love her

And Love met her sister, Hope. My girls are the best!!!!

My #selfie with Hope

…and without her…

Btw, I love my wall.. if you don’t know this is my room.. but I’ll tell you about it later…

Awwwww, the next surprise was great album. Do you remember that I try to promote here Nicole Boggs??? She’s so talented singer. I was so happy when my friend and she sent to me in this surprise her “Overcome” album.

I was so sad when I saw my depressive pink wall. She was so empty, so I had an idea. And I sticked my drawings and letters from @kerli and @msmickeymouse1928 ; star from lovely Estonian friend and stickers from Kellee Maize and Kerli. I added drawing “Summer on Buzznet” but I hope that someday I’ll can print @wevegotyoucovered Buzznet logo <3

And on the second wall are postcards from my lovely friend. I can see beautiful Nashville and Tennesse.

During weekend I had classes in school and my friend just took me these photos with the best Julian. She’s lovely puppy.