Behind The Scenes: “Said No One Ever” Music Video With Jordan JAE!

Working on the video for “Said No One Ever”, my first debut single, was amazing and I couldn’t wait to start shooting! We filmed over two full days in freezing cold temperatures, snow and lots and lots of snacks! I am going to let you all in on the behind the scenes fashion secrets for the “Said No One Ever” video.

I was lucky to have super-stylist LB on the set who helped with my wardrobe, hair and make-up. The clothes I wore in the video were inspired by two very different themed looks. We needed the first look of the video to be drastically different from the second look and chose a 1950’s style. As for the second style look, I am obsessed with the movie “Kickass”, the best superhero movie ever! For this look I wanted to be wearing an all black outfit similar to Cat Woman.

The first fashion look of the 1950’s inspired style scenes:

During the snow scenes I honestly thought my feet were going to freeze off! It was one of the coldest days of the year and under all those cute clothes were many hand and body warmers and I was still shivering! It was so worth it though! These snow scenes really added an additional cinematic beauty to the video. I was happy that part of this look was filmed inside in my bedroom. At least we were able to warm up a little before going back out into the cold


“Soroya Jacket” is really soft and one of my favorite winter coats of all time! Originally we had not realized that it was going to be so cold and snowing on the day that we were filming these scenes and ran out first thing in the morning to Desigual before the shoot to find the perfect jacket. I was so psyched when we stumbled upon this amazing find!

“Loverly Day Necklace” from the navy and red embroidered heart necklace. We wanted to get a necklace that would stand out during the video and this bright colored heart was the definite keeper!

“Curtsying Cutie Skirt” from loving the name of this pastel pink bow skirt. It is so adorable!

“Crème Brulee Day Cardigan” from this is the totally cute flowered, tan, button up cardigan

“Pearly-cue top” from is the collard light blue silk shirt decorated with pearls. I absolutely love this one and not only because blue is my favorite color!

“Fuzzy Pink Ugg Earmuffs” these are honestly the best decision I ever made because it was so cold and they were so stylish! I still get to wear them all the time since it has been such a cold winter in NYC!

“Turquoise knit gloves by Echo” are so soft, and were totally necessary during the video on that snowy day to help keep my hands warm and bright! I was pumped that I was able to wear them all winter long and have not lost one of the gloves yet. Somehow I always end up with just one glove instead of two by the end of the season.

Hair and Make-up:

My hair is very high and full with a lot of body. This hairstyle was achieved by loads of curlers and hairspray in my hair! The makeup was more natural and light in this look with just enough to make me standout on camera. I use and love Le Metier de Beaute make-up, which helped me create this simple look that I adore.

The second fashion look Rad “Kickass” inspired style scenes:

The fire scene was an unbelievable memory I will never forget! While I was standing and singing by the fire it was warmer but it was so unbelievably scary! We set a barrel on fire in an empty lot by one of the buildings we were shooting at and when the barrel caught fire it was fine for a few takes until I looked down and saw the whole barrel was catching on fire and practically melting! I looked at everyone behind the camera who looked nervous but just signaled to keep going and finish the scene. Once we were done I ran as far away as possible! I honestly thought the barrel and I were going to blow up!


“Black lace leather jacket by BEULAH style” is an adorable hip and reasonably priced jacket that I purchased at Ruby and Jenna. I love the awesome high/low cropped jacket with the slit cut in the front.

“Bal togs Adult Mock Neck Long Sleeve Unitard” is totally fit for a dance show or when I’m in the mood to look awesome and be totally “Kickass”!

“Black Doc Martens” are my favorite! I wear them all the time, except for gym days at school. They are my total necessity and are so comfortable along with being really cool. It also helps that I can look fantabulous without getting blisters on the back of my feet.

“Black leather gloves” this I bought on the street by a vendor selling inexpensive leather gloves. They looked great and helped keep my hands a little warmer while shooting.

Hair and make-up:

This called for a darker and more fantasy look for my fashion ensemble. My hair was straightened to the point of no return. It was tied into an extremely tight, neat ponytail. The makeup is black and catlike around my eyes with dark bright lipstick that made my features stand out to complete this look!

A special thanks to Director: Alan Smith McIntyre, Producer: Nullah Sarker, Hair, Make-up and Styling: LB, and the amazing actors: Lucas Vanarthos, Dillan Smith, and Glorianna Perrotte. The video shoot was an amazing experience for me! Everyone involved was truly excited to be there and we had a lot of fun and laughs!

I hope you all like the video and if you haven’t had a chance to watch it make sure to check it out at!

Love you guys,

Jordan JAE 🙂