Animals Love Music More Than You Do

We all love music. Adults, teens, grandparents, and even babies… we all have our favorite genres and bands. But I bet most of you don’t ever think about your pets being huge music fans too. Here’s proof that both dog and cats appreciate music and can get down harder than we do.

Slayer Cat

Not just shredding your curtains.

Coldplay Cat

The lyrics really relate to his feelings about life.

“I go to Warped Tour every year” Dog

and Cat


“In da Club” Cat

This is what she does while you’re at work.

Taylor Swift-headbanging Dog

Because it looks …cool?

Hardcore Straightedge Cats


I love the 80’s Cat

and Dog

Okay, Please play my wedding.

Indie Rock Cat Listening to everything you’ve never heard of.

Amateur DJ Dog

and Cat

They will DJ the hell out of your party.

The “I don’t play music, but I appreciate it” Cat

and Dog

All of you…. Please start a band. I call first guest vocals.

Xo Mindy