My 2 Year Buzziversary!

Days, weeks, months and years now. I’m here and I see how this time changed me. Today it’s unique day to me. I’m on Buzznet two years. I’m a human and during this time I made a lot things. I don’t remember every decision but for sure these were bad and good. I felt awful when I couldn’t write new blogs here but when I came back, I knew that it was one of the best days in my life.

When I close my eyes and I think about art…I see people. They give me power to do my things and I have the moments when I believe that part of the people have right about stop do it but I’m Forbidden. I can’t stop.

I wrote a lot about my ideas for new season and about myself too. So, I don’t want to copying these blogs. If you want to know more, just check out the last blogs. And what now? Reality brings me some choices. I fight to create new wonderful reality.

And as I mentioned I’m here 2 years. It’s wonderful time. I want to thanks for show me the best part of life the greatest friends:Cooper, Kat, Mickey, Tanja, Claire, Pabs, Lucas, Silja, Holly, Jason, Joss, Neeshabetha, Amanda, Serenity, Dre, Natan, Niero, Tara, Iou, Marieke, Ryan and wonderful person as Kellee Maize, Kerli and Chris Anokoute. You inspiring me so much. Thank you also Buzznet Staff, you’re awesome!!! And Buzzmakers & Buzzneters for making this family and sharing the love <3

For the end I want to share with you a little promo my new thing:

“I can’t sleep when you are so far Everything in room reminds me about you Did you remember when you said that “love wins” But where are you now? Where are you now?

When I look at your photos my heart can’t stop bleed From months I looking for you on the streets where you kissed me But only I see shadows of love, broken souls I can’t stop love you, I can’t live without you”

Thank you for these 2 years