10 Signs: He’s Not Into You

Although the truth can hurt, it can also set you free to move on to better things. Here are 10 signs that may demonstrate to you that the man you may be wondering about, waiting for, or pursuing is just not into you.

1) He says he’s not relationship material.

Listen to what he says and don’t try to read beyond his words. If a man tells you he’s not looking for things to progress, he doesn’t want to complicate things by moving forward with a relationship, he’s just “having fun”, or he’s not relationship material, never try to force him to change his mind and look at you differently. Either he’s not into you, or he’s not into commitment in general. The best thing you can do is take him at his word and move on to someone who will value a relationship in the same manner that you do.

2) He encourages you to date other people.

If your date encourages you to see other people it’s truthfully because he’s just not ito you enough to want you all to himself. Remember: men are territorial – therefore, they will let what is theirs be known, no questions asked. If he’s still dating other people, then you should realize that he’s not quite ready to commit to anyone. Also a quick reminder: if he talks to you about those other girls, then be assured that he tells them about you too. A man who is truly wants you will want you exclusively and wouldn’t want you to be romantically and emotionally involved with other men.

3) He’s available – at midnight!

Of course, if your date works late hours and literally gets off work at midnight, there is an exception to this sign. But if not, there is absolutely no reason why the man you’re valuing as such a prize should only make time for you late at night. This idea of late-night time should be ringing a bell: that’s right, sounds like a booty call/backup plan to me! Lesson to take away from this sign: don’t ever settle for the less-than-prime hours of the day. If you are a priority to him, then he will prioritize you at an hour that doesn’t inconvenience you or make you feel less than important.

4) He won’t show affection in public.

Everything you do is in private aka you’re his little secret. If he doesn’t want people to think you’re a couple he’ll probably introduce you to people as his “friend”, yet you know deep down inside that you both are more than just strictly friends. One thing that I want you to understand is that men who are into you will profess their liking/love for you. It’s all in the title. What a man introduces you as is the way a man sees you. Don’t make excuses for him, don’t twist his words, and don’t accept zero affection in public for a little attention in private. Realize that you deserve someone who will claim you and someone who’s proud to be associated with you!

5) He avoids letting you meet his family and friends.

If he cancels on plans with your family or just happens to “casually” forget to tell you that his parents are in town until after the fact, he’s probably not into you. Be aware of this, especially if you two have been dating for a while. If you sense that he’s avoiding meeting the family, it’s most likely because he’s not fully into the relationship and has his interest somewhere else. A man who is absolutely crazy about you will insist that his family and best friends get to know just how amazing you are, especially for him!

6) He won’t make plans with you in advance.

If a man is interested, he will make plans with you to fit into his schedule and do you know why? It’s because he’s showing you that are a priority to him! If he’s hesitant to schedule a date next weekend or agree to a family event next month, he’s probably not invested in the relationship. Remember: You are not his priority if he’s “keeping his options open”. If you are a priority, understand that he won’t have a problem adding you into his schedule because you are worth the time and effort.

7) He guards his tech devices when you’re around.

Secrets, secrets, secrets! Any man that has to hide what he is doing, especially around you should be the brightest red flag of all red flags for you to see! If a relationship makes you feel that you need to play detective, then it’s time to exit and move on! While everyone is entitled to privacy and passwords don’t need to be given out, if your date consistently hides what he’s texting, who he’s texting, what he’s doing online, and behaves in a paranoid manner when you get close to his tech devices, he might be the untrustworthy one, not you. If his actions make you feel insecure, then it is important to speak up and confront him about the situation. A man that doesn’t want to lose you and is truly into you, will make sure that you feel secure and at peace with the relationship.

8) It’s always your house or his, never both.

If you’ve never been invited to his place, he’s keeping you at a safe distance for a reason. If he can’t share his home with you, he’s not truly interested in letting you get to know him on a deeper level. On the opposite token, if you are always having to come to him – at his insistance – watch for relationship laziness. It should be a mutual ventue for the both of you; spend some time at his place and he spends some time at yours.

9) He tells the same stories and forgets the important stuff!

We get it: some men are just bad at remembering things. However, a man who is not into you, will not be invested enough in the relationship to remember any details. If important dates are repeatedly forgotten, there are reoccurances of disconnected conversations, and it just seems like he truly doesn’t care: Move On! It all comes back to the idea of priorities. If a man views you as a priority in his life, his effort to keep you happy, as well as the relationship healthy, will be shown through his actions towards you.

10) He doesn’t return your calls within 24 hours.

Here’s a big one: if you’re the only one making an effort via text or phone calls – evaluate the real amount of interest your date has in the relationship. If he doesn’t respond to you within 24 hours, and he does this on a constant basis, he’s not into you! No man is too busy for a woman he truly wants. Make sure you expect your man to be respectful enough to respond when you try to contact him, not only when it’s convenient for him.


Remember the biggest red flag of all time is that if a man doesn’t actually ask you out, he’s not into you. A man who truly values you and knows he’s got a good thing will make sure you know it, as well as others!

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