My Woman’s Day 2014 @ Palmariva Disco Club

Yesterday day I come back at Palmariva disco club, after New Year’s Eve, for celebrating Woman’s Day. Virginia talked about us months ago about a special night for all the ladies with a striptease, so we thought it could be a different way to spend a Saturday night. Such a shame this disco is pretty far from my city, it’s near Venice, so almost 2 hours by car.

My parents and I with Virginia and Matteo, Susy and Danilo had a dinner in the pizzeria of the club and includes in the price you had also this striptease show. Killing the time before midnight we danced, shot picturs and laugh.

Ok, the show had to be at midnight or a bit after, we waited over a hour for that. I was pretty boring. The stripmen were the best Italian one and believe me if they were the best one, I don’t know how could be the worst hahah Honestly I’ve never liked this kind of show, I watched Magic Mike and I really like it, I didn’t find it vulgar, this show was half and half. I mean, I liked the second (the one with the mask) and the third man (the one under the shower), they were good dancers, all smiling, for nothing vulgar and good entertainers. The first one was pretty slow to perform, then there was the policeman and the one who paid tribute to Michael Jackson erm, poor Michael Jackson, he was way too sexy than this stripman.

I had fun as well, the girls or women they picked, oh Gosh, some were pretty vulgar and I was shame for them, especially for the women.

I’m so sorry if some photos aren’t in such a high quality, it was a bit dark inside the disco so I tried some stuff to shot them in the better way I could.

So, ladies…. How did you celebrate the Woman’s Day?

I hope you enjoy this gallery.

Comment, buzz, suggest any photo you want 😉