Wardrobe Candy: Novella Royale


Today I wanted to talk about my FAVORITE place and what I’m currently obsessed with, Novella Royale. I was on the hunt for a pair of pants I saw on Pineterest that totally screamed, Gabbie Brown. SURPRISE it was from Novella Royale. I’m so in love with the items that they sell.

My favorite items happen to be their bell bottoms. They fit perfect on any girl. A lot of the one’s that you see in stores are too wide legged and very unflattering. Man, I want to wear these for the rest of my life.

I also love how simple and bad ass their pieces are. Such a great mix of edgy rock and roll boho style.

So much wardrobe eye candy. You can drool over the rest of their clothes here! I highly suggest taking a peak at their lookbooks. Also, their INSTAGRAM (Holy Cow, So Amazing).