Upcoming Fashion Brand: Knot Sisters


I’ve said multiple times that my blog on here is all about giving some shine to the next generation of fashion, music and entertainment leaders. This week I’m showing you a wonderful brand called, Knot Sisters. I think for me, I always love up and coming brands because they usually make clothing that are cool, trendy and something you won’t see everyone wearing, but everyone will be asking where you got it.

Knot Sisters say they’re fueled by a shared love of fashion, music and art.

I love that and can relate a whole bunch to that one little statement. I was browsing and wanting to immediately put everything into my online cart. Their tee’s are cut in a hip style and I could create any outfit out of them. I wanted to cry over how perfect the, who needs a boyfriend when you have a record collection. I think it’s me in a tee.

They seem to nail everything. From the sweaters, to the skirts, to the rompers. I wanted to play dress up and create outfits with every single article of clothing.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe with some cool pieces, support Knot Sisters. Shop the collection here! P.S, if you join their mailing list you get 20 percent off your first order (BONUS).