Toyota Prius Featuring Kellee Maize – Make a Difference

I’m so happy. Toyota Prius featuring Kellee Maize!!! Check out this great video and read her post about it:

“It was hard for me to choose to do this partnership with Toyota. I speak out a lot about corporate greed and environmental issues and never really was into sponsorships of any kind. But given it was a hybrid, MUCH of their fleet is extra fuel efficient, and I am unsigned and want to keep my music free, I needed to consider it. And, I always wanted a hybrid and used to have visions of a tour with a fleet of hybrid or veggie fueled cars and busses!

I got to see first hand just how green Toyota really is, even in their office practices and they are working to make their entire fleet hybrid in the near future! The technology they use is FAR superior to any other company and they have already made a HUGE positive impact in the 12 years since they started. Another thing that pushed me to do this was hearing that when given the chance to choose a hybrid or standard in a car that offers both for the same price point, many choose the standard! This confused and concerns me.

This morning I was reading all sorts of depressing info about the Keystone pipeline, Fracking in Pittsburgh and our parks and rivers, a nuclear plant in Georgia and the list goes on…it sometimes seems like there is nothing we can do and the issue is so much bigger than we are. It really hurts my heart. The worst part is it becomes socioeconomic and these issues end up impacting people who are already dealing with extreme poverty, violence, etc. BUT we can support companies and initiatives that are working to have little impact on mamma earth, people and plants. Our voices, our purchases and our votes I still think matter…even when corporations are running the world….if we don’t buy their gas guzzlers, they can’t sell um!

So I got a nice lil silver one (so i don’t have to waste water washing!) and I feel like I never need gas and I have a solar panel above my head which is extra fresh. I am still praying, working towards and envisioning a time when we can be taking maglevs, and run off of tidal wind and solar energy (like in the venus project!) but until then, I think every small step makes a difference.

Love and peace to ya and as my friend Phil Osophical says, Happy Friday. K”