It’s Time For “MIDNIGHT MAN”!!!

My close friend working on wonderful project!!! It’s a “Midningt Man”. I hope that she will can realize this project, but she needs our help!! How we can help to realize this project??

Please, watch this video and the next check out this page: HERE And share with your friends on Facebook/Twitter etc Also you can pledge this show 🙂

Thanks for help!!!


Midnight Man is a piece of new writing that is an urban legend tied loosely to a pagan ritual. It is said that the pagans used this ritual to punish their wrong-doers. When summoning the Midnight Man, you are tortured with your greatest fears til death or til 3.30 am.

Our story follows a young man who walks in on 3 of his friends playing the ‘game’, which results in the deaths of his friends. Whilst trying to figure out what had happened, he is considered a suspect in threemurders that he didn’t commit. It is a supernatural crime thriller where you start to question what is reality. Is there a Midnight Man or is he the Midnight Man?

Heart Line Productions is an emerging theatre company that aims to create work that is innovative. We believe in risk-taking and want to work with young artists like us. AND TO THE NUMBERS…

3 nights (26th – 28th of May at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden)4 actors 2 writers 2 producers

Even though putting a lot of our savings into this project, we still can’t make ends meet. We still have to pay half of the theatre hire and we would really like to be able to feed our actors after a day of rehearsals (oh yeah.. and we have to find a rehearsal space that we can afford). We can make this happen… With your support!

We will £700 will cover the venue, costume, props, marketing materials, set and a pizza on tech-day. All of your names will be in the programme as the people who helped make this happen and we will, of course, be forever grateful!


Pledging through ZEQUS is incredibly easy and totally secure. Your details are safe with ZEQUS as they will never share them with anyone. Please support in any way you can, even a facebook share or tweet will help immensely. If you are able to pledge, that is incredibly kind and your support is hugely appreciated!”