Spring Fashion Trends: Crop Tops

Spring is quickly creeping up on us, so get those tummies ready because crop tops are coming in strong for this year’s 2014 spring style. Crop tops will be making a statement emphasizing femininity, while still allowing for many different styling options. But have no fear if you’re like most of us and don’t have a runway model physique, this trend can still fit your body. Pairing a crop top with some high waisted pants is a great way to keep the exposed skin, but not fully expose your upper-midriff. Also, layering is a good way to only show what you’re comfortable with. My personal favorite companion to crops are pencil skirts or a flared mini skirt that gives the crop a sense of elegance with edge. Flared Palazzo pants with a loose fitted crop is also a fun way to rock a laid back look.

What is your favorite crop top style?