How Spring Changed Me

When you wanna change something in your life, nevery try to be someone else. I know that is hard but you can through by every obstacle. You can’t stop, just believe that everything will be better. As I said a many times part of the world is illusion, media sell fake reallity. What had to saved us, just kills us. So this is the way why I have new ideas from my blog, I wanna be close.. and I’ll write my personally thoughts and I’ll put more things which can help you.And for sure I’ll not forgot about talented artists!!!!

What Spring will brought to mine blog:

I’ll talk more and more about hard themes as eating disorders, self-harm, domestic abuse and bully.

I’ll show you some tips to take care about health, it’s the time for yoga and reiki

I’ll try to take the next interviews, and show you great artists and cool stuffs!!!

and I’ll add here my art… I hope that someone wanna see it!!!

Love You So Much,