Spring Break: 12 Tips You Need To Know!

With Spring Break right around the corner, here are some fabulous tips to get the most out of your vacay!

1. Figure Out When Your School Breaks: Set a date far in advance and stick to it!

2. Book Early: This helps you get the best rates on Spring Break Rooms!

3. Share the Trip-planning Load: Put each other in charge of a day or an excursion so that not just one person is shouldering too much of the burden of making the trip awesome! Remember not to over-schedule and don’t forget to have fun.

4. Take a Number: Be safe!! Make sure everyone has everyone else’s cell phone number entered in their cell phone, as well as the hotel’s address and phone number, and the number of a local taxi company.

5. Create a Pool: Have everyone chip in an amount at the very beginning, and delegate who will be paying for minor expenses from time to time.

6. Take Music: Bring some form of music to listen to on the beach. It might just attract more guys and girls over to mingle with your already-made group of friends ;).

7. More Pictures Please: Take a multitude of pictures – of each other. Pictures of each other will be far more interesting than the local attractions, when you look back a year later to reminisce.

8. Book It: If you absolutely enjoyed yourself on the vacation, and you want to return again next year, book it then and there!

9. Take a Ride: Go Parasailing, take a Banana Boat Ride, or rent a Pontoon Boat! Do something brave and adventurous so that you will have stories upon stories to tell when you return back home!

10. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen throughout the day to keep your skin beautifully protected from the blazing sun. Remember, sunburn never looks cute in picturse and/or club clothes. Think about it!

11. Time Out: Allow for some alone time to reflect, watch tv, listen to music, or just be with yourself.

12. Don’t Pack Everything: Leave some room in your suitcase to bring home some outfits, jewelry, and other goodies you’ve picked up while on your vacation. Then you can show these amazing possessions that none of your friends possess! Bragging rights all the way!