Saying “Good Riddance” To Toxic Relationships!

Hey everyone,

I see too many amazing people broken from toxic relationships and it saddens me. We’ve all had our share of toxic relationships and heartbreak, but it’s a new year and therefore, all the reason to break away from the pain and live in the happiness that our lives were meant to experience. Below are my thoughts on why it is so important to say goodbye to toxic relationships and say hello to peace, joy, and YOU, again! Enjoy.


One lesson I had to learn early on was to accept people as they are in the here and now. Stop focusing on the potential of what a person could be or the potential of that person treating you better and realize what it truly is. If you’re waiting for “the one” to treat you right, do yourself a favor and move on. Remember that the right one would never jeopardize losing you by constantly hurting you. You deserve the best, allow yourself to receive what God intended for you to have by letting go of the traps the enemy has set for you. When you let go of what isn’t for you, you allow room for what’s the best for you to come into your presence.

When a person shows your their true colors the first time, believe them! Understand that no matter what you do and no matter how long you stay, a person will only change if they truly want to! If a person is consistently hurting you, making you cry, belittling you, disrespecting you, etc: it’s time to walk away! When you realize how much you’re worth and how precious your presence is in their life, you won’t even have to second guess taking yourself out of that incorrect equation. Never wait around aimlessly for someone else to tell you your worth. Remember: If they don’t see that you’re valuable, then it’s their loss! Move on.

And when you do move on, take some time out for yourself to heal. Jumping right into another relationship is only detrimental for your own growth. Think about it: say you break free from your toxic relationship and dive back into another; did you have enough time to learn from the toxicity of your last relationship? Probably not. Being alone is okay; in fact, it’s a blessing! Learning to love yourself will only better the way you love another in your future relationships. It all starts with you. Respect yourself and through your actions you show others how to treat you!


I hope these words found someone today who needed it and uplifted your heart. Know that you are worth it and be okay with walking away from anything that doesn’t make you a better version of yourself; with or without closure. My new blog is coming soon, but if you like what you read and want more be sure to connect with me via Twitter: @janaemanigault and Instagram: @janaemanigault. Be blessed everyone!