How Quiz Is Your Quiz?

Hey buzz-friends! Sorry for my absence! Vacation catch up had me all kinds of busy! I’m back now and ready to blog your face off. (Sort of?) Anyways, I was catching up on internet happenings today when I noticed a trend. SO MANY QUIZZES. Come on, Facebook users… this is getting absurd. So, I thought it would be fun to write the top 10 dumbest quizzes I’ve seen lately, followed by 10 reasons why people should cut back on the quizzing!

10 Ridiculous Quizzes (from Buzzfeed)

1. Which Olsen Twin are you?: And this matters whyyyy?

2. Should you get out of bed today?: Did you like it when your mom told you that you had to get out of bed for school? Then why should you let a quiz tell you what to do?

3. Are you hungover?: Seriously? I need more wine for this one.

4. Should you have a snack?: I dunno… Are you hungry? Yes? Okay then.

5. How lazy are you?: Lazy enough to do this quiz? Shame…

6. When will you actually get married?: If you actually took this quiz, never.

7. What is your social security number?: 3…6… WAIT A MINUTE! Is this a trick?

8. Are you going to die?: If this quiz tells you no, then we have some WAY more important things to talk about aside from quizzes. What’s it like being an alien?

9. What kind of pizza are you?: Oh my god. I’m a cheese pizza?! THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!

10. 20 Signs you’re an adult.: Number one – you don’t need a buzzfeed quiz to figure it out. Quiz over. You’re welcome.

10 Reasons To Stop Buzzfeed Quizzing

1. Unless we want robots to take over earth, we shouldn’t let technology tell us what to do.

2. I heard that if you don’t use it, you lose it. Your brain, that is. So take that puppy out for a spin!

3. I know winter has everyone down, but come on… isn’t there anything better we can do with our time?

4. If you relate to pizza, you should see a doctor.

5. You are clogging up my facebook feed. I’d rather hear about how your kids have diarrhea. (Not. Please don’t do that either.)

6. This is almost as annoying as farmville.

7. Did you know you have the option to not POST your results? If you honestly can’t help yourself, please refrain from posting. None of us care which Sex and the City character you are. I promise.

8. You’re embarassing yourself.

9. Like my mom used to say about watching too much tv… “You’ll rot your brain!” We don’t want that.

10. Because I’m begging you.

Thanks for stopping by! Have you seen any hilariously stupid quizzes lately? Share in the comments! <3