[NEW VIDEOMESSAGE] Help Tokio Hotel Win MTVs Musical March Madness!

Enjoy this funny video message of the gang.

I’m laughing until tears, OMG. Tom and Georg are amazing hahaha

Pumba is the cutest awwww.

Are you ready to vote?

Probably I’m one of the few who didn’t start another drama on this video.

“No album = no voting” is just one of the million of things I’ve read around the web and this makes me feel angry and disgusted about the kind of people say to love the band but they definitely don’t, they don’t care about the guys. They pretend those four boys are four robots and release an album each year and stuff like that.

By the way…

I’d like to thank Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav (and Pumba too :p) for have made me smile and laugh once again 😉

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