Music Footprint: The Wet Secrets

You have a chance to leave a music footprint on the people around you. Everyday I try to share new tunes with the people I surrond myself with and the lovely people who follow me on my twitter and of course on here. The footprint i choose to leave on people changes all the time. My taste is very well rounded.

Today’s music footprint I want to sink into your brain is The Wet Secrets. They’re from Canada and describe themselves as a five-piece rock’n’roll dance band that plays the kind of music you could expect to hear if The Stranglers piggybacked Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass through the Rose Parade.

This video and song is so outrageous, but orginal, creative and a stand-out tune. Similar to something Prince would create. The video was actually directed by Trevor Anderson, the bands drummer!

Check the band out on all those good social sites. Also, check them out at SXSW!

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