The Kings Park Bluff is a short drive from the Kings Park Psychiatric Center where Buliding 93 is …… This time of year there isn’t much boating so it was very quiet the other day. The Bluff overlooks the Long Island Sound and the mouth of the Nissequogue River that I live along. It’s a pretty scenic area with the water and the views that look far out into the sound and sometimes you can even see Connecticut in the distance …….

And now for my favorite GULLS …. One on each post 😀

There are some other birds in the background coming in for a landing, I’m not sure what they are but they aren’t gulls !!

This sad little tree was decorated for Christmas but now all the ornaments are on the sand …..

Of course there was still some snow around !!!

Up on the boardwalk there were people with some dogs 😀

And this girl was sitting on the big rock reading !!

I like how the No Swimming sign has snow in the background 😀

And this gull was trying to sleep while the annoying paparazzi was lurking 😀

Across the way there is a peninsula and there was a girl walking her dog …….

The photos above were all looking to the west, now I’m showing you ones I took to the east at the mouth of the river.

And this one is of the restaurant right overlooking the water it’s The Old Dock Inn and has been there for decades, it has good food we’ve eaten there once and I plan on going back one day soon. OH it’s seafood and other kinds of food 😀

And this is looking towards some of the houses in the area …

And I’ll end this with the Silly GULLS resting on the boat ramp waiting for someone to feed them 😀

So that is my tour of the Bluff I hope you enjoyed seeing not far from where I live 😀