Kawaii Life – Ideas To Upgrade Your Ordinary Things To Next Level Of Cuteness

I sometimes walk around and wonder who would people be if they were the only people on Earth. Without any rules, judgments and restrictions, would we really be living in the same kind of houses, wearing the same kind of clothes or would it all be much more colorful?

I’m addicted to cute and adding an extra touch of cuteness to ordinary things doesn’t really require anything else than just putting in a little extra effort and finding something special instead of going for the standard things. For example, pink knives exist, I got them instead of the black ones. Japanese are taking it to next level, printing anime toilet paper….cause why not! For example, wearing silly socks will for sure brighten up your day even if no one else can see them through your shoes.

I have vowed to look for the fun, for the extraordinary and challenge this thing we call the “reality”. Check out my gallery of super cute stuff and diy ideas and get inspired to turn the cute to the max.

Kawaii your life!:)



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