♥ Happy 27th Birthday Georg Listing ♥


On March 31, 1987 a little boy was born and he never expected to become a rockstar in his near future.Today, it’s Mr. Natural Beauty’s birthday aka Georg Listing, Tokio Hotel’s bassist.It’s impressive how time flies, I remember when I started to follow him and the band, he was just 20 years old and now he’s celebrating his 27th one.

What I love about Georg is his way to be. He’s so nice, so down-on-earth, so funny. You can notice also from my video, I chose some clips with audio where you can see his personality and not only see his talent as bassist (he also can play guitar, keyboards and piano).I’ve seen the band three times in concerts and two times in events (once only the twins, with a signing session too).I had the pleasure to be wet by Georg with the water in Rome, during Humanoid City in April 2010. It was amazing, I loved that moment. I really hope to meet him soon with the whole band, I wanna shot a pic with him and the band, tell him how much proud I am of him and how lucky are the other boys to have him as friend.He’s the (boy)friend I always wanted to have. I think he’s a great listener and I’m sure he keeps secrets better than a locked box.

Georg, happy birthday man!I wish you all the best, for today and for every single instant of your life.Don’t give up, always rock and thanks for all the emotions you give me!Love you so much!

Song: Träumer (instrumental version)Artist: Tokio Hotel

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