Exclusive: Trevor Wentworth Answers YOUR Fan Questions!

Hey Buzznet Pals,

Here is a special interview with Trevor Wentworth of Our Last Night where he talks with me about some deep topics as well as YOUR FAN QUESTIONS!! Woo 🙂


You guys have been busier than ever lately, how’s being on the road so consistently again feel?

It feels amazing to be back out, I think this is the most US touring/overseas touring this band has ever done, so it’s awesome to be back out on tour playing for our new/old fans again.

Our Last Night has been a band for about 10 years now and you guys have had so many ups and downs, how did you all manage to stay focused and driven?

Like most bands, OLN was started in our parent’s basement. I was only 10 years old & the rest of the guys were only 14-16. Never in a million years did we even believe we would have ended up where we are today. So even through the tough times (which we had many of) we would think back to the days when we were first starting out, the days where we had only dreamt to be able to tour the US with some of our favorite bands or fly half way around the world to play some of the most incredible shows.. In any career or even hobby, you have ups and downs, that’s life, but the only way to get over the walls that are put in front of you is to power through them, with no egos, with no mindset that everything should be handed to you, and most importantly to never give up. There are many times where I take a second to think about what we have and what we’ve accomplished with OLN, and that 10 year old me who was begging my mom to skip a weekend field trip with my school just so I could play a show with my band, begins to cry tears of joy and happiness. I think that, along with our incredibly dedicated fans are what keep us all going, and make it so there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop us.

Like you guys, more and more people are deciding to make the switch to independent. What are your thoughts on that?

I think that we have proven to a lot of bands that you actually can do things on your own, without a label. Yes, it is 100% more work, but 100% more rewarding in the end. What most people don’t realize is that It’s very hard to make any bit of money while being on a label… Unless you are a massive band, but yet still, you are making way less than you should be. What we never understood was when we write music, put forth years of our lives, and pour our hearts, blood, sweat and tears into something we loved to just see NOTHING from it. I think that was the hardest part. I’m not at all saying record labels are pointless for bands, because we would never be where we are without having started out on one. It’s just a shame on how the system works, and how hard it is to see any sort of money after spending so much time on something YOU wrote. But I think a lot of bands are starting to see how much easier it is do things on your own nowadays, especially with YouTube & Itunes making the releases of your music extremely easy to put out there for the fans.

Fan Questions:

What are the origins of some of the new song lyrics?

All the lyrics I wrote for this EP we’re all super personal, and super relatable, I wanted to make the listeners actually feel something when they hear these songs. I wrote a lot about life changing, or things around you changing before you are ready for them to change, that and the constant struggle a lot of people have in their everyday life.

Ask him if he would sing with Kellin Quinn someday?

Absolutely! Kellin is my homie, so maybe one day we can make this happen.

What his favourite show was on the Oak Island European Tour? and also thank him for shaking my hand at Manchester!

Haha anytime! Manchester was actually in my top 5 favorite shows on that tour, but I think Prague was all of our personal favorites.

If they are ever coming to the west coast and when?!

We will be on the West Coast at the end of April/ beginning of May with our friends in Chiodos.

What has been the most rewarding experience on tour as a singer in Our Last Night

Definitely looking back to our most recent headlining tour over in Europe, we played a show in Belgium, it was completely sold out at around 400 kids, the power cut out during our song Fate. As soon as the kids realized what was going on, the ENTIRE crowd started singing the chorus over and over as loud as the could. That to me was completely insane, just to be so far from home and have something like that happen, ill never forget.

When is OLN coming back to the U.S.?

We are doing a full US tour started April 15th go to www.facebook.com/ourlastnightband for tour dates & ticket links!

go Bryan Stars on his a$$! What’s his pornstar name

Well I’ve always heard to find out your porn star name you take your middle name and the street name you grew up on, so in that case mine would be Michael Ridge, and my one liner would be “Come take a ride on Ridge”.. Clearly I’ve thought about this.

Do you have any plans of coming back to Europe later this year, or in early 2015 to promote your upcoming acoustic EP?

Yes we do :). It’s in the talks now. You’ll be seeing us early 2015.

If you were a rapper what would your name be?

HRM (pronounced as *worm*) but it stands for Worlds Hypest Rapper Motherfucker. I’ll be out on tour with Kendrick soon.